How Property Maintenance Works

How Property Maintenance Works

Property maintenance problems can be a nightmare. It can be a determining factor whether a prospective tenant would like the place or not.

This mostly happens because we are focusing more on the economic outputs that we should get from our investment in the property through rental fees. As a matter of fact, we must also focus on the maintenance obligations that we have on the property.

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This will help us avoid interruptions in business operations. Another thing is, to prevent unnecessary high-cost maintenance due to negligence.

Well, properties that are not properly maintained can cause widespread turmoil in the company’s operation. Some examples of the most common effects of poor maintenance are the following:

  • Leakage on the roofs
  • Electrical problems
  • Door lock issues
  • Sprinkler system issues

Those are only the most common issues that properties have if maintenance were neglected. As much as possible, you would want to have the highest operational efficiency for a hassle-free experience.

Well, the tenants could really be affected when something malfunctions in the property itself.  If the maintenance were done too late, damages can occur as well and can result in expensive repairs. This could be a nightmare if you haven’t had insurance to cover the damages.

Maintaining Your Property Regularly

Risks can be high when your property is not well-maintained. This will surely result in a loss of profit which can be really frustrating.

It is a fact that industrial companies are not responsible for the maintenance of the property. However, it is important that as a tenant, they should take good care of the property too.

It will be better to have an overview of what a property owner should expect from an industrial company being a tenant.

The Checklist

There are several questions that you should be aware of when it comes to property maintenance.

  • What are the maintenance procedures that need to be done
  • The areas where the maintenance and when it should be executed
  • How the maintenance procedures should be done
  • Who will pay for the maintenance activities

The Categories

Maintenance types can be classified into three. They are the most common maintenance procedures done on any shop space including an industrial one:

  • Replacements
  • Repairs
  • Overall cleaning

Moreover, having a property that is clean overall will surely last for a very long time. The maintenance will be just for the usual wear and tear due to the usage of the property. This includes lubrication and trying out the different components of the property if they are still working well.

If workarounds aren’t possible then a replacement will be recommended. However, this must be under the lease agreement.

All of the maintenance types can be executed on the entire property. It can be performed either by the landlord, vendor, or tenant depending on the agreement.

For an instance, the landlord or vendor can take the initiative regarding the maintenance procedures. However, the charges can be redirected to the tenants if agreed upon due to the prorated share that they have of the property. It can be a simple roof leak repair or even as expensive as roof replacement.


Maintaining an industrial shop space can be a very complex task. However, if everything is planned well nothing is impossible. Agreements must be done favorably for both parties.

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